How to Play

1) Pick a character

Power - There can be only one!

Sneaky - We must be cautious. 

Enchant - Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin!

2) Talk to the King

The King will tell you his problems, and give you money to fix them.

3) Explore

What a nice day for a walk in the country, and look at those cute bunnies ... wait ... those aren't cute bunnies, they're zombie bunnies! Ah! Run for the hills!

4) Fight

In a world with monsters gone wild, unfortunately it's going to be you or them. It better be them, right?

5) Shop until you drop!

Use your treasure to buy better weapons, armor, and magic goods from the Yipe! merchants.

6) Level up!

Ta da! Get experience and gain levels. Get new powers and better stats ... impress your friends, your family, your boss, yourself! Who thought you could excel like this? Nobody!

7) Prevail!

There's trouble afoot, and you're our only hope. Help us, and gather information, solve puzzles, and use your smarts to bring happiness back to the world of Yipe!

In the first chapter of Yipe 5, there are strange things happening ... fix the problem, and move onto the next chapter in the epic saga, Yipe 5: Attack of Idle Hands!!!

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