Idle Hands Vinyl Toy
10" tall

Idle Hands in box

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Hello, Special Guest

Dylan Sisson's "Idle Hands"

In Yipe! 5, Idle Hands appears as your arch-nemisis. Idle Hands is clever, powerful, and charming ... it will take all your skill to defeat him! Idle Hands is the creation of Dylan Sisson and has the dubious notoriety of being the first urban vinyl toy to appear as a special guest in a video game. Read more about Idle Hands at

Vinyl Toy Collectable

Standing a full 10" in height, Idle Hands is the first vinyl toy from from Mr. Sisson's misshapen bestiary. Features include articulated arms for "maximum idleness", and an individually numbered "coaster of authenticity" printed with original concept drawing of Idle Hands himself. Limited to 500 pieces world wide.
(300 orange. 100 gray. 100 pink.)

Toy Tokyo

Idle Hands was produced by Toy Tokyo in limited quantities. To purchase your own Idle Hands visit Toy Tokyo, or contact the artist directly at:

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