Yipe! - Official Launch Party

March 12th, 2010

The official release of the indie game "Yipe! 5: Attack of Idle Hands" was celebrated at Modern Relics, in San Francisco, on March 12th, 2010. Thanks to everyone who made it out in the rain, to see the new game and the art.

Here are some pics of the show ...

The Three Yipe-eteers ... Kevin, Dylan, and Andrew

The big art installation ... paintings, drawings and vinyl toys.

The event was rather lively ...

A similar shot of the room, but less lively

An angry woman accosts Mr. Sisson, shrieking,
"I suppose you think a funny hat makes you an artist!"
Actually, that's a joke. She was actually quite socialble.

Spooky art

Orginal art for the Idle Hands Toy box

More art!

Andrew Woods pictured as swarthy rogue

A highlight of the evening was when Andrew Woods showed up with a bag full of CDs, featuring the "Music of Yipe!"

An an Easter Egg, Andrew portrayed himself inside the CD's slip cover as a sort of dashing (and dining) Bard ... dressed to the nines with all things Yipely ... a colander helmet, a rusty rake, and a juicy cheeseburger.

It is of course ironic that the only thing photo shopped in the image is the juicy cheeseburger ... that's ironic because finding a juicy cheeseburger one of the simplest things to do on the planet! (Who on the other hand has a colander!? Your grandma, maybe!) What many people don't realize is that Andrew is not only a musician, he's a competitive eater. Andrew has studied under the former Hot-Dog-Eating world record holder, Takeru Kobayashi. Andrew's specialty is, in fact, juicy cheeseburgers. How does Andrew train? Well ... he doesn't eat any cheeseburgers unless he's competing, even though that's his favorite meal ... this ensures that at competition Andrews eats more cheeseburgers than anyone else. He can't even touch a cheeseburger unless he's competing, and that's why the cheeseburger had to be photo shopped in this image.

I'm sure Andrew (if he ever read this) would be happy that I haven't mentioned the actor ... Tom Green ... well, I should rephrase that, happy until now. Andrew's face begins to wince, sourly ... because I think Andrew does not dare compare himself to the comic heart-throb who has won over a generation of devoted fans. No, Andrew is too humble, too modest, and will not place himself on such a pedestal. So, we'll let Andrew make the comparison for himself ...

Certainly there is something uncanny (and wrong) going on here ... and I guess the joke would be on us if Andrew was actually Tom Green! Heh, that would be a good one.

No that's just a joke, nothing to see here, let's move away from this subject, for the love of God... please!

Sooo ... we'd like to thank Alix Bluh at Modern Relics for hosting the show!

More info about Modern Relics