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Kevin Kinell & Dylan Sisson
Kevin Kinell
Dylan Sisson
Andrew Woods

The Official Launch Party was March 12th, 2010.

Fourteen years ago, during those hot Chico, CA days of summer, Kevin first created the world of Yipe! Since that first release of Yipe! I, Kevin has built a series of underground RPGs which have developed a bit of a cult following. The world of Yipe! took a bit of a hiatus post college, but that only means Yipe! 5 has had plenty of time to marinate, like a fine grilled steak or zombie bunny. Yipe! 5 represents the culmination of almost 15 years of thinking, planning and coding, and the iPhone is truly the ideal platform for realizing Kevin's vision. Kevin helps people improve their online auctions with his day job at Auctiva, wishes he was playing more pool and dreams of more Yipe! possibilities. Kevin says,

"Have you found the hidden coins burried in the sand? Or wait, did I hide those in the flowers?"

Dylan is an internationally recognized toy designer, cartoonist, and painter. Dylan is the creator of the collectable vinyl toy, Idle Hands, who appears as a special guest in Yipe 5. He's also created numerous custom vinyls, illustrations, and paintings that have been shown in galleries around the world, and his independent animated shorts have won several awards. His comic book parody, Filibusting Comics was translated into Spanish and featured in a symposium in Madrid. Dylan currently resides in San Francisco where he draws and paints wall-eyed curiosities with big teeth. Dylan says,

"My favorite subjects are those that mix contrasting themes, like a character that’s on the verge of being cute or being frightening at the same time. . . I like creating that tension. For example, what’s the difference between a pet and a monster? A pet licks you. A monster eats you."

At his day job, Andrew animates everything from cartoon hippos to hard-luck electric superheros for 3rd-person action-adventure console games.  But by night, he becomes "too-many-musical-ideas guy".  With some of his best friends (including his younger brother, Adrian) Andrew spent his teens, twenties, and arguably his early thirties trying to confuse audiences into embracing various forms of hard-listening music.  He is currently taking a break from this long-standing quest with a combination of: playing sappy guitar-and-voice tunes, hosting audience-interactive improv sessions, watching his beautiful baby daughter grow up, and -- to the severe detriment of his moral standing -- writing theme-songs and supporting music for scary extortionists like Idle Hands.  Andrew says,

"Oh Idle Hands, how deviously convincing you are!  (Yipe Hero, I beg you to take up the mantle and put an end to his fiendish games!!)"


Yipe! is an indie project created by a veteran game designer, an infamous toy designer, and an underground musical sound-stylist, who have teamed up to create something first of all to amuse themselves, and hopefully amuse others.

If you are amused or have feedback, questions, or comments, we'd love to hear from you. Please write us at

Special Thanks

The Yipe! 5 team would like to thank our dedicated beta testing group of:
Ricardo Covo -- "I am now a level 12 iYipe Warrior!"
Jeff Schlicht -- "I noticed a typo somewhere but forgot where now."
Richard Drysdall -- "Maybe it's just my fat fingers."

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